USS Flat Washers

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A standard washer characterized by a larger outside diameter compared to the SAE washer.

Product Description Product Use
Steel Our most common washer is available in plain low carbon steel, zinc coated, and HDG.
Grade 8 Similar to our steel washer except that this has been heat treated to grade 8 specs. Typically yellow zinc coated, this washer is used in high temp and high strength applications.
Stainless 18-8 or 300 series stainless washers are corrosion resistant and readily available.
Nylon Very corrosion resistant, but not very strong. These washers are great for low strength, high corrosion applications.
Aluminum This washer is light weight, strong, and corrosion resistant.
Brass An alloy washer made from copper and zinc that offers good corrosion resistance but is a fairly soft metal.
Silicon Bronze Made from copper and tin. This is washer is similar to brass but stronger.