chain cable


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Welded or weldless linked chain for every application. Always check load limits and recommendations for overhead lifting.

Product Description Product Use  
Also known as grade 43 chain, it's higher tensile strength makes it ideal for heavy duty trucking and logging operations. It is not for overhead lifting.  
Proof Coil
This general utility chain is made of low carbon steel and is zinc coated. Known as grade 30, it is for lighter construction and projects and not for overhead lifting.
Straight Link
A long link welded chain for general use in guard chain applications, farm implement and animal stake chains. Not for overhead lifting.
This weldless chain has figure 8 links twisted into a 90 degree angle making it's diameter small and lightweight. General purpose.
Tenso Coil
Also known as double loop chain, this weldless chain is used for tethering and light fixtures.
chain cable


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Aircraft cable is a wire rope specified by the notation 7 x 19, which means it had 7 braided strands with 19 wires per strand.

Product Description Product Use  
This lubricated cable is ideal for repeated use over sheaves or pulleys. It is commonly used in the erosion control, irrigation, and agricultural industries.  
Stainless Used often with boat docks. This cable is ideal in marine applications or any place where rust or corrosion could be an issue.
Plastic Coated This 7 x 7 (7 strand braid, 7 wires per strand) galvanized cable is plastic coated for corrosion and wear protection. It does not affect the strength of the cable.