Drill Bits

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Metal bits designed for drilling holes in a wide variety of materials.

Product Description Product Use  
Black and gold Hi-Molybdenum tool steel. Heat treated and working hard grades of metal. Available in fractional, letter, wire, metric and left hand sizes. Type 190 AG.  
Gold 135 degree split point for drilling hard tough metals, free machining stainless steel, high temp alloys, titanium, and certain plastics. Hardness of bit allows for 30% higher speeds than that of high speed steel. Available in fractional, letter, and wire.
3/8 Reduced Shank A general purpose drill up to 1/2" diameter that has a reduced shank to accommodate 3/8" drills.
1/2 Reduced Shank Silver & Deming Magnum Super Premium for diameters up to 1-1/2" with a shank reduced to 1/2".
Shorter version of our HSS 135 Degree bit. Sometimes referred to as screw machine length. Available in fractional and numbered.
Aircraft Longer versions (6" & 12") of our high speed steel bits.
Flat Shank
HSS 135 degree bit with 3 flat areas on the shank for positive chuck grip.
Carbide Tip For high volume cutting on difficult to machine applications. Not intended for soft surfaces.
Spot Weld Double ended bits made from cobalt designed to cut auto body panel spot welds.
Double Ended
Much as the name implies, this 135 degree bit has a drill point on both ends for extended use.
An affordable alternative to  the 135 degree. Used on softer metals and wood.
Taper Shank Bit These bits have a tanged conical shank to fit in drill presses spindles, sleeves, or sockets.
Auger This is a long wood bit. It is spiraled for effective chip removal. Most have a self feeding screw tip.
Paddle Also known as a spade bit. This wide bit is used for wood. It is available in 6" and 16" lengths.