Threaded Rod

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Continuously full threaded rod available in 3, 6, and 12 ft sections used to cut into smaller studs or used whole.

Product Description Product Use  
This common threaded rod is composed of low carbon steel. We carry it in plain, zinc, and HDG finishes. Available in coarse and fine threads  
ASTM A193 B7
A case hardened (roughly the equivalent of a grade 5) threaded rod used frequently in construction and industry. Available in plain and zinc, coarse, fine, and 8 thread (sizes over 1" will all be available in eight threads per inch).
ASTM A193 B8
Stainless steel rod commonly referred to as 18-8 or 304 rod, although there are minor differences between them. We carry in coarse, fine, and 8 thread.
ASTM A193 B8 CL2
This is the same as the B8 rod above except that it has been heat treated and quenched making it very suitable for high temp and strength applications where corrosion is a concern. Coarse and 8 thread stocked.
B8M is rod nomenclature for 316 stainless. More corrosion resistant than B8 and a little bit stronger. Coarse and 8 thread.
ASTM A193 B16 A heat treated rod that is designed to function in high temperature and high pressure applications. Available in coarse and 8 thread.
ASTM A320 L7
This grade is intended for low temperature service down to -150 degrees Fahrenheit. Coarse and 8 thread.
Brass Usually carried in three foot sections. This rod is low strength with high corrosion resistance. Coarse thread.
Left Hand We carry left hand rod in 6 foot sections in a low carbon A307 grade. Available in coarse thread.
Acme These unique threads are stronger, broader, and more square than the V shaped threads typically used with threaded rod.  This allows acme rod to be more quick threading and more proficient for load carrying.
Metric Metric pitched rods are available in just about everything standard rod is.  We carry a low carbon 4.6 grade, B7, and stainless.  Coarse and fine pitch.
Drill Rod Alright, it's not threaded but we put it here anyway. Oil hardened drill rod is available in 3 ft sections in standard and metric. It is used for machine work and for welding.