Socket Set Screws - Cup Point

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A fully threaded socket driven headless screw with a variety of potential seating or locking features

Product Description Product Use
Cup Point By far the most common style, used for fast, permanent, and semi permanent use. We carry these in coarse and fine thread. They are available in stainless (18-8 and 316) as well as metric.
Nylon Patch This set screw is used when vibration is a concern. The patch is on the threads and discourages backing up. Available in coarse and fine threads in steel.
Cone Point Use this aggressive point for permanent settings, in other words not for reuse. Very high holding power. We stock in coarse and fine threaded steel.
Knurled Point Designed like a cup point, but with ridges along the cup. This allows is to resist vibration better than a cup point. Coarse and fine thread, plain and stainless steel.
Flat Point Ideal for reuse and when the surface it's in contact with is fairly hard. Holds against a flat surface better than a round one. Coarse and fine thread in standard and metric.
Brass Tip Because it is softer, this brass tip conforms to the features it is locking against. Commonly used with gears and collars. Coarse thread.
Half Dog Point This set screw has a protruding tip with a flat surface sometimes called a pilot point. Intended for permanent setting and sometimes used in place of a dowel pin.
Full Dog Point As the name implies, this is much like the half dog except twice as long.