Sheet Metal Screws

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A thread forming tapping screw with a gimlet point used in thin metal and wood.

Product Description Product Use  
Flat Head
This screw is countersunk and is used in applications where the head must sit flush with the surface it's going into. We carry these in Phillips and slotted drive, zinc coated and stainless steel.  
Hex Washer Head
A very common screw used in many applications. It has a hex slotted head so it can be driven with a socket driver or a flat head screwdriver. The washer made onto the head spreads the impact of the screw out. Sometimes seen with a Phillips drive but not as common. Zinc and Stainless.
Pan Head
Flat or gently rounded top or it looks like someone formed it with a pan, hence the name. Most common in Phillips, but available in slotted. Zinc and stainless.
Truss Head
Looks like a pan head that has been squished, so it's wider and shorter. Like the pan head, more common in Phillips, but still available in slotted drive. Zinc and stainless.
Oval Head
Looks like a flat head and a pan head had a baby. It's countersunk yet slightly rounded on the top. They are considered decorative. We sell a lot to boat owners with finishing washers. Stainless only.
Hex Sealer These screws have sealer washers under a hex head to keep moisture out. They are used in roofing applications. Zinc coated
Hex Sealer Type 17 Just like the screw above it except for it's type 17 point which is a more aggressive point for pierced metal and going into wood. Also Zinc.
K-Lath Also known as a modified truss head. It looks like a truss head with an additional washer made onto it for additional coverage. It has a sharp point and is zinc coated.